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Great but not perfect yet!

Finally you added the Europa League! 2nd leagues of the most notable championships are still missing though!

Superbe application

Génial :-) !

Fantastic App!

FANTASTIC app with its match summaries, photos and blog. I think this app is underrated. Great job!!! This app kept me engaged throughout the tournament despite my national team being kicked out in 1/4 finals.


Otimo aplicativo

Highlights and goals

The app is very nice except one important thing that is TERRIBLE - the post game highlights clips!!! The highlights of the matches should be 3-4 minutes long AND include the announcers analysis and comments (preferably in English). This way if I miss the game, I would get a real understanding of what happened. A great example of the way highlights should be done is on the NBA website.


Simply brilliant. Great infographics, fun content and intuitive interaction.


Love it ! Up to track with all the games !

Lets go Germany !!! Twitter not working

Sweet app so far it looks Amazing !!!!! However twitter isnt working with this app!!!!


I cant get in n im close to top 10 im pist fix cause im not deleting n re-downloading

Slow to update

Very slow to update score

Only App you need during the World Cup

Amazing app, lets me know who is playing and when. Scores are updated in real time. Gives you updates whenever there is a goal.


You must update to iOS 7 or you can not instal it

Fifa app

Love this app!


I love this app it is very good because anyone can keep track of there favourite team in my opinion my favourite teams are Brazil Iran and Ghana GO TEAMS!!! Thanks


The sleekest and most well designed app Ive ever downloaded. Absolutely flawless! Superb job!

FIFA official app

Great but complicate.

Slooooooow !!!

Great but too slow!!


Awesome, love the text game play by play. It would be great if you showed which country was refing the match at the top.

Difficult to use!!!

The format is absolute crap and its super hard to try and find who specific teams are playing and when! Also past results are unheard of so definitely dont waste your time and get the version by CBC.

Please add records!

Wins, losses, ties... Am I too stupid to find them or were the developers to stupid to include them?

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